Sunday, February 11, 2007



Frequencies Exhibition Performance: SCULPTURE MAKES SOUND MAKES SCULPTURE MAKES SOUND w/ Gunung Sari, Todd Rosenbaum, Tom Vanderwall

@ Black & White Gallery
483 driggs avenue
near north 10th
in williamsburg
(L to bedford)

$6 donation

Frequencies Exhibition
Frequencies is an experiential and holistic exhibition which captures facets of the DIY community and extends outside the physical bounds of the gallery. It questions the artist-viewer vs. musician-audience relationships, and the cognitive division between visual art and music, gallery and rock venue. The gallery interior has been converted into an experimental music space; and over twenty performances will take place within and outside the gallery throughout the month, further blurring the division between staged performance and living art. These additional venues -- including Goodbye Blue Monday, Cake Shop, Glasslands, free103point9 Project Space, Tonic, The Tank @ Collective:Unconscious, The Tooth, and RavensDen -- will serve both as galleries and as concrete manifestations of the music community.

Gunung Sari
Gunung Sari is an experimental electronic noise duo composed of Nick Lesley and Stanley Ruiz, based in Brooklyn, New York. The name means "Mountain's Essence" in Bahasa Indonesia - a tribute to their love of Gamelan music and the ceremonies and rituals that go along with it. Their music is a hybrid of improvised electronics bordering on noise. They use analog electronics, homebrew rudimentary synths, handcrafted wearable noisemakers, hacked radios, and percussions. At times they also do live audio-video processing using the computer.

Todd Rosenbaum

Tom Vanderwall
With the idea that new instruments will create new music, Tom Vanderwall has been conceptualizing, designing, and building new instruments for the past 5 years. Building instruments not only for himself, but adapting the desires and needs of other musicians, and applying them to sound generating devices. The series on display at Frequencies will all be members of the springed instrument family, and available for your experimentation.

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