Thursday, April 20, 2006

gunung sari at BENT 2006

we played last night at the 3rd Bent Festival which was organized by the cool folks at the Tank. jenny seastern stone joined us to do some video mixing using jitter. it was an amazing show, and we're totally stoked with how the sound and the visuals came together.

other performers last night were daniel cashin, shotaro nakano (cool dude from tokyo), bubblyfish (great set!), and pixelform (thanks for the schematic!).

our noise arsenal included a homebrew analog synth, effects boxes, mixers, bent toy drumsticks (which sounded like a drum machine), custom built oscillator modules, tape players, and live percussion. jenny did the mixing of gamelan video clips from the 30's. during the last segment, the visuals reacted to the volume of the sounds we're generating.


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