Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gunung Sari @ Bent 2007 NY

Performance at Eyebeam, the atelier for Art and Technology. April 26, 2007.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Show at Dead Herring

Hey! Join us tomorrow, invite your friends!

Wicked awesome show at Dead Herring on Saturday, Aug. 25th. It's
Gunung Sari's CD release show also, so you should come get a CD (we're
very happy with it by the way). Fun!

Ghost Moth (Brooklyn vicious live electronics with Daniel Carter -

Spectre Folk (Pete Nolan of Magick Markers, GHQ- psych noise folk -

Chris Forsyth (12 string guitar, The Peeesseye, Phantom Limb & Bison,
etc - http://www.evolvingear.com)

Gunung Sari (cd release- mountain style electronic music -
http://www.myspace.com/gunungsari - http://gunungsari.blogspot.com)

Fun Santa Maria (analog electronics, Steve of Chen Santa Maria -

Sat 8/25 - 8pm, $5
@ Dead Herring
141 S. 5th St. between Bedford & Driggs
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

L to Bedford, G to Metropolitan, JMZ to Marcy, B61, bicycle to the bridge bottom

That Wanderest Unseen

Yeah!!! We have a new CD out, and we will be having a release party this Saturday August 25th at Dead Herring in Williamsburg (see next post for details).

We are totally stoked about it! Definitely get a copy! If you'd like to hear some sample tracks, go to Neck and Tongue's site. You can also visit us in myspace.

Mountain style electronic music! Hell yeeeahhhh!!!